Good undergrad major for M.Arch?

<p>I really want to be an architect. I have always loved the way buildings like those at Universities and museums can excite the senses. I draw different things all the time and I really think I would enjoy architecture. But it's too late in my bachelor's degree to switch into architecture. I heard from numerous sources that a M.Arch is almost better in some ways, so I have decided to go that route. But I need to decide on my undergrad major still. The options I am most interested in and can actually get into at my school are:</p>

Civil Engineering
Computer Science

<p>Maybe..(Haven't taken foreign language in 4 years, and would have to go back and take more =/)

<p>I have heard that gpa is a very big deal for getting into graduate school, so I have somewhat eliminated Civil engineering, math, and physics because the math program at my school is very challenging. Challenging in a bad way... bad administration, policies designed to prevent cheating but also make the classes 50 times harder, etc. I also want a major that could give me some career possibilities if I can't go to Architecture school right away or can't find a job in architecture. My interests are in science, fitness, banking/market research, etc. Any input? Any suggestions that I don't have mentioned?</p>

<p>**I want a major that will give me useful insight for architecture.</p>