Good vs Bad Accomodations?

<p>I have combed these forums, but have not found much about the area near HPU, or accommodations. If you are a student, parent, local, etc....can you please tell me what hotels you think are good bets....and PLEASE tell me if there are any to stay away from! AAA doesn't give that info when
Thanks so much! I will be traveling alone with my S later this month on a "campus tour roadtrip", so $$ is a factor as well.</p>

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<p>Great list with all university rates!
Marriott was nice when we stayed there and all the big name ones are just fine too! If you want something unique, check out the J.H. Adams Inn. Its a little local hotel that used to be a mansion. But if you're staying for just the campus visit, the Marriott is the closest and nicest IMO!</p>

<p>Thanks camdisco! I just found that page....finally woke up and put "hotels" into the search on HPU's site. That list pulled right up.
JH Adams looks amazing, and they have summer specials that actually make it comparable to others locally (2 of the rooms are just $87/night) I saw the proximity of the Marriott, but there must be some type of event the week we will be in town...cheapest room with a AAA discount was over $100!
If you have any info on JH Adams...please share. Their site doesn't offer much in pics/descriptions. I would need to accommodate my 17y.o. S and myself (Mom) do I say this...tactfully? modestly? LOL. Thanks!</p>

<p>We stayed at the Country Inn in Archdale when we visited HPU - it was maybe 5 minutes from campus. It's nothing special, but is clean and inexpensive. There's a Carlson Friends and Family rate (just google for it - I think it's carlsonff) that gets you a room for $70.</p>

<p>We usually stay at the Marriott, and yes it is over $100 and doesn't include breakfast. We will be staying at the Best Western next weekend, and it's less than $100, and includes breakfast. I've heard it's nice and was recently completely redone.</p>

<p>Have only stayed at the Courtyard Marriott (probably 5 or 6 times so far). Nice rooms, indoor pool, free internet - worth it for convenience alone. Coming from the NYC suburbs, it's a bargain even at full price! I don't think we've ever paid less than $100 there - usually runs around $125, so there's probably no special event in town; that's the typical rate.</p>

<p>Airport courtyard. Its less than a 15 min drive to campus. Near other hotels, eateries, airport and downtown greensboro. Its also clean, nice, relatively newer and 80/night. </p>

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<p>Archdale is a small community that has a number of chain hotels such as Country Inn Suites (as a previous poster stated), Hampton, etc.. It's about a 10 min. drive away from campus.<br>
The Best Western another poster mentioned isn't bad....a little "worn" looking but they recently added a complimentary breakfast (to keep up with so many of the other area hotels) which is pretty good. It's in "downtown" High Point if you want to get a view of "downtown". If you stay there, take note that there is an adjacent public parking garage you pay for on a per-day basis but whenever we've stayed there, we were able to park on the street for free.
Enjoy your visit!</p>

<p>The JH Adams is a great place to stay, especially in the older section, which has some really neat suites. However, they are booked solid for every weekend of most events at HPU. I stayed there when touring and move in weekend last year, but after that could not get a room, and this year they are booked both parents weekends and graduation weekend 2012. </p>

<p>Best Western is not bad, and during move in weekend and parent weekends HPU runs shuttles constantly. It is a little further from campus, but still just a 5 to 10 minute drive.</p>

<p>Hope this helps!</p>