Google Bold Immersion 2020

Hey everyone! I thought I’d make this for anyone who applied to the BOLD Immersion program for Summer 2020. Lets use this to asks questions, to share results, or anything else related to the BOLD Immersion program!

Has anyone from the East Coast, looking to be placed in NYC heard anything??? Waiting patiently, but getting discouraged at the same time. What a long process!!

I actually applied to the Immersion Program, and hoping to apply to the internship in fall. When did you apply for the internship?

I applied for the BOLD Summer Internship in September! The waiting is hard.

I interviewed for the Google Mountainview HQ about 2.5 weeks ago and still haven’t heard anything concerning an offer. I’m hoping for the best though! My interviewer told me if I get an offer from another company to let her know and she’ll see what she can do; that seemed like a good sign to me. My first interview could of went better but my second interview was amazing. Just wanted to know if anybody received an offer yet? How long did it take for you? Did you follow up again?

Hey! I applied to the Google BOLD immersion program this year. Has anyone received an update yet?

I got a email from Google Connect today inviting me to their program. “Thank you for interest in the BOLD immersion program!..” I’m assuming they started looking at the applications. I’m hoping this is a good sign lol.

Awesome me too!!

Hey, I applied a few months ago and got this email today:
Thank you for your interest in the BOLD Immersion program! We’d love to stay connected with you, so we wanted to invite you to sign-up for our Connect with Google program.

If you’d like to stay connected, here’s what you can expect:
Regular email updates outlining ways to get involved with Google;
Invitations to events and workshops;
News about Google, our products and the Industry;
Technical content; and
Online learning opportunities and competitions

As a CwG member, you can also participate in our social community on slack. This is a great way to develop connections with other future technologists and join the conversation more broadly.

Thank you — and look out for us to be in contact again soon!

Is this a good sign? Or just a generic email …

Im pretty sure its generic they said to stay tuned. Last year’s thread said they got accepted on March 25th.

Anyone hear back yet?

I haven’t gotten anything yet.

I haven’t either.

lol they have a blog post about how much interns are paid that is so wrong. They claim Google interns make only 2.5K a MONTH! They use Glassdoor data (from the French version of the site, and an entry with only 3 replies lol)

You can BET that all those ivy league geniuses going to Google are not taking a 2.5K/month internship. Most of them, like myself, were considering offers from Big 3 consulting firms that are $35-45 an HOUR, smh

Verify anything you see on the internet folks!

Things are all slowed down because of COVID-19, the internship is now remote, so Immersion will likely have some change.


Has anyone heard anything?

Still nothing :frowning: I just wish they’d send us a quick update to tell us they’re going to take longer than expected with everything going on. We’re losing opportunities left and right, it’d be nice to at least know if this will be canceled too.

On LinkedIn, I’ve seen some people who have gotten accepted and some who have been rejected already. Has anyone still not heard back yet?

I have not heard back yet either.

Applying for 2021, do you know when the application opened?