Google BOLD Internship 2019

Hi Everyone, I believe there was a 1st round of applications for the 2019 BOLD internship, but does anyone know when the second round starts? Asking for a friend…

The application is open right now.

Also is it a second part to the application? Because previous threads said they chose their top choices but I didn’t see that on the app?

@nikki1883luck I didn’t see the second part on the website as well. I asked some of the previous Bold interns and they said there was a part 2 where u fill a form stating ur team preference, etc. One of them said they attended an information session and got the link to the form so idk where we are suppose to access it from.

@nikki1883luck I didn’t see this anywhere on the first round application and not on this one as well. Maybe it’s not listed on the application for this year? Unless I unfortunately didn’t see it :frowning:

Interviewed last week and they just requested a third. Should I be worried?

I received the supplemental form today.

@somewheresmiling congrats on the interview. How soon after filling out both applications did you hear back about an interview? And what area n location did you interview for? I’m sure you shouldn’t be worried; maybe they just want to verify where you will be a good fit.

I hope so. I turned mine in 2 days ago. Hopefully we hear back soon about interviews.

I received the supplemental form and filled it out. Only been 5 days and haven’t heard back. Should I be worried?
I have two tech sales internships and one non-tech. I don’t have a great gpa and I go to a state school, so I know my odds are slim. Do you think it’s possible that I can still secure an interview because of my experience? Also, does everyone receive the supplemental form or is that a sign that they want to move forward with my application?

Idk I hope the supplemental form means their interested. But I assume they let the teams at the location u selected review your resume to see if they are interested.

What location and teams did you select?

Anyone know what the process is like with a referral?

Guys, don’t worry, interviews go from now all the way till April of next year. I’m personally still working on my application now as well.
Also, @somewheresmiling , don’t worry about it. If I remember correctly from my thread earlier this year, you got into the 2018 BOLD Immersion program. You’re pretty much guaranteed a spot for the 2019 BOLD program since Immersion was designed as a pipeline for future BOLD interns, and it’s probably also the reason why you’ve already been interviewed so early. Anyways, congrats on the opportunity!

@BladeHunter I got the offer! But people from bold immersion have rejected interviews/are still waiting.

Congarats. What department and location did you interview for?

@somewheresmiling Congrats! And really? You’re the 3rd person I’ve met who was part of the BOLD Immersion program, and they all got into BOLD as well. And do you mean that they got rejected after interviews or they rejected having interviews cause they wanted to work somewhere else?

APMM in MV @CareerGalgsu1234
@BladeHunter they rejected having interviews.

@somewheresmiling Oh, well that’s on them then. I thought you had meant that former BOLD Immersion interns got rejected after their BOLD interviews. But if they chose to not pursue the opportunity, then they must have other plans in mind.

Also, if you don’t mind me asking, but when you say APMM, do you mean you were offered a position as an Associate Product Marketing Manager? Because I thought those positions were reserved for post-undergrad students and came with a 2-year training program, which is completely separate from the BOLD internship?

@CareerGalgsu1234 I applied for the Sales/Marketing role in Austin.

Cool. I applied for People Ops in California.