Google Bold Internship 2021

Hey guys I know this is SUPER early but all this down time from being in quarantine has me planning for my future! As a rising junior I will now be eligible to apply for Google’s Bold program, I wanted to start a discussion board early so we have a platform to network :slight_smile:

Yes! I am interested too. Do you know when the applications open?

Hey! I have no idea when the applications will open for summer 2021. But I know in past years it usually opens in September. I also heard that it opened around late August last year then closed shortly after but I don’t know why did that

Thanks for making this thread! I read the previous year’s thread just to get glimpse of the application process and the previous applicant’s experiences. @dreamchaser2k18

Even though it’s early, do you have an idea of what team you’re interested in? As of now I have my eyes set on joining the POps team

No problem! Just thought that it never hurts to start planning ahead especially with a prestigious program like Google Bold. I definitely have my heart set on the Marketing and Communications team or possibly legal. But I’d take any position if I’m offered lol, do you have any particular locations that you want to be based in? (assuming COVID becomes controlled) @bubblegummm

Ahaha I totally agree, I would be grateful for any position I’m offered as well! As for location, truthfully I am not picky. I live in California though so I would prefer to stay in state, but if my offer takes me out-of-state I wouldn’t mind. I would just have to prepare ahead of time and do some personal research. Do you have a preference of location? @dreamchaser2k18

Wow you’re lucky that you live in Cali, they have a lottt of departments over there including the HQ. I live in NYC so I hope to be placed here, but again i’ll gladly take any location lol @bubblegummm

Hi guys, I am really interested as well. Does anyone know if International students studying in the US are allowed to apply. I tried applying for the immersion program last year but they don’t accept applications for people who require visa sponsorship in the future. Is it the same for Google BOLD program as well?

Hey! I’m not sure, but if they didn’t allow you for the immersion program then I would presume that it wouldn’t work for the Bold program either… But I could be wrong. Check the google bold website and read who is eligible to apply. Hope that helps! @gotit12

Hey guys! Has there been any recent news? Everything seems very quiet and the anticipation is getting to me!

Hi! I am planning on applying for Google Bold (interested in Marketing) for the Summer of 2021 and am currently an eligible Junior. It is early September and I have not seen an open application yet.

Yes, applications have not been released yet. But it should come out THIS month, it’s always been released in September in its past years. If I hear anything I will definitely let you guys know. I’m assuming it may be delayed due to COVID situations. Right now all we can do is play along with Google’s waiting game.

Hii guys
I am a student from India pursuing a 4 year degree in Computer Science and Social Sciences. I’m planning on getting a major in economics and I believe that my educational qualification matches the criteria for the Google BOLD program for a finance position. However, I am a non US citizen. So, I wanted to know whether Google BOLD also takes non USA interns the way GSoC does? Or are only Americans allowed to apply? I looked everywhere for this query but it’s no where mentioned. Please let me know if any of you have any idea.

Hey everyone! Has there been any news on when the applications open?

I haven’t heard anything yet. I hope they still plan on even doing the program for the 2021 term.

APPLICATIONS HAVE BE RELEASED!! The deadline is October 28th!

omgmgmgomggomg im shaking

Is anyone applying with referrals?

This may be too early but has anyone received the supplemental form yet?

im not using referrals @Smilingforever