Google CSSI 2020

Does anyone know when the Google CSSI 2020 application opens up? I tried contacting the people but didn’t hear anything back.


I would say between mid-January and early February.

Is this open for all highschoolers?

I think we just have to be patient, sure it will open up soon

It’s live. Does anyone know if they’re still accepting resumes with the application though? I dont see an option to submit it anywhere.

can you pls send me the link to apply? I can’t seem to find it ):

Here’s the link. Good Luck!

I recently submitted my application and I forgot if they required a resume but if they did, it will be in the portal in which you sign up for The Google CSSI. That portal allows you to upload your essay answers and transcripts. So just keep clicking through the application and you’ll find it if they require it. Good Luck!

No, it’s only open to High School Seniors who are new to the programming world.

The Google CSSI 2020 program opens February 1st and closes February 28th. Good Luck!

Do they send a confirmation after submitting? I’m not sure whether my application was properly submitted as the page reset back to a blank form after I submitted.

Does anyone know what the page after submitting said? I recall reading something about the Online Challenge, but nothing else.


Does anyone know if you are supposed to receive a confirmation email or really any email from Google after submitting the application?? Also if you go back to Google CSSI page, and click to apply for the program - what do you guys see? Does it say submitted or no?

Also, I saw in other threads regarding CSSI from 2019 that it says “submitted” after the application is sent out…
But I’m confused as to where I find this status?

I emailed CSSI admissions with the same questions and in response they wrote to me that they do not send confirmation emails. If you were able to submit the application on time, then you are good.

Does anyone know if the application actually closes? Like if you check the website, you can still fill the application out. Thats weird…why is it like that?

Does anyone know anything about Google’s Online Challenge? Is it a part of the application? And has anyone received an email with an invitation for it yet? On the application they stated that as soon as the deadline was over they would send out the email…

I did not hear anything from Google yet. There is no confirmation nor the online challenge sent to my email. I guess it is the same for everyone.

Is the online challenge a measure that they use for the application? (Higher scorers are better etc.)

Can someone post when the online challenge opens for them. This will be helpful for those waiting

hi, I just received my online challenge invitation via email. we’re supposed to do it on March 6-7th. good luck everyone.