Google is honoring Lucille Ball's 100th B-day today

<p>Google is honoring Lucille Ball's 100th birthday today by displaying an old console tv with 7 channels, each with a famous scene from the "I Love Lucy Show". Click on the different channels and sound to see and hear the various scenes.</p>

<p>That's cool. Thanks.</p>

<p>watching some of the all day tribute on the Hallmark Channel.</p>

<p>She's also the Star of the Day on Turner Classic Movies, so I'll probably flip back and forth between stations while I'm home today. Her comedy is truly ageless - "I Love Lucy" is still making people laugh.</p>

<p>Carol Burnett, who should know, has said that Lucy was so funny because she was such a fine actress, not simply a gifted clown. This seems true to me. She gave some great performances during her movie career that were far removed from Lucy Ricardo. And, of course, she was utterly gorgeous.</p>

<p>We're having an "I Love Lucy" party at the senior center where I work next month, to celebrate the show's 60th anniversary. We're serving arroz con pollo and Fred's not-quite 7-layer chocolate cake for lunch, and giving everyone hand-dipped chocolates as favors (inspired by the "Job Switching" episode).</p>

<p>I'd love to know what other posters would call their favorite "ILL" episodes. Mine is "The Operetta."</p>

<p>Vitametavegamin? The grape-stomping episode? There are so many; it's impossible to choose!</p>

<p>If there are 5 funnier minutes in the entire history of television than her Vitametavegamin commercial, I'd like to know what they are.</p>

<p>LOVE GOOGLE today!!</p>

<p>And I like the chocolate factory episode as well.</p>

<p>Slate has a Lucille Ball pictorial today. Beautiful and dream woman. :)</p>

<p>I am joining all of the happy peppy people (sorry that I don't have my big bottle of vitamitavegamin) with my favorite Lucy episodes: </p>

<p>Cousin Ernie and his mama warning him to say away from painted up wicked city women. Here comes Lucy as a real live painted up wicked city woman who is gonna vamp Ernie.</p>

<p>Lucy birthday when she joins the Friends of the Friendless</p>

<p>I have so many favorites; </p>

<p>The california trip and going to Hollywood (John Wayne foot prints) </p>


<p>All of the "Ricky, I wanna be in the show episodes (they call me Cuban Pete, Bob Hope)</p>

<p>The Wednesday afternoon ladies auxilary- Carolyn Applebee, Marion Strong (Lucy and Ethel singing Friendship)</p>

<p>The pregnancy announcement and the birth of little Ricky</p>

<p>It's happening in Jamestown, NY - her birthplace. A small town between Buffalo NY and Erie, PA.</p>

<p>They're in the middle of the Lucy Fest, a 5-day marathon of celebrations.</p>

<p>Lucy</a> Fest: Lucille Ball Festival of Comedy Aug. 3-7</p>

<p>As I type, they're assembling the largest number of Lucy look-alikes in one spot, ever, for Guinness World Book of Records. Run to City Hall.</p>

<p>They're also looking for a professor of comedy to teach at their newly opening Center for Comedy. September start.</p>

<p>I was up late reading last night when D2 came home around 1:30. About ten minutes after she was home, she came into my room and whispered, "You have to look at Google's home page today." My girls know what a huge Lucy fan I am, and yes, I am watching the marathon this weekend, too.</p>

<p>I'll echo all the other favorite episodes & include the one where Lucy misses the ship when they're going to Europe.<br>
Thinking of "I Love Lucy" never fails to bring a smile to my face.</p>

<p>Funny piece of info- my dad shares two great + grandparents with both Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz. ( although there are a few more in the Arnaz line) must be where I get my red hair.</p>

<p>Google this is so amazing! Well done. Different clips each time!!!! I posted it on FB!</p>

<p>I am a huge fan. Am watching the grape stomping episode right now. I have so many favorites, including of course, candy factory, grape stomping, vitameatavegamin, but I also love a lot of the not-as-famous episodes. "Lucy's Schedule" is one of these. Ricky puts Lucy on a schedule because she makes him late to dinner with his boss, Mr. Littlefield, and it ends up backfiring. Lucy plans a dinner for the Littlefields and Lucy, Ethel and Mrs. Littlefield rush the guys through dinner without even letting them eat because they're on a tight schedule. Ethel tosses biscuits from the kitchen to Lucy who is wearing a baseball mit at the table. It's hilarious. Mr. Littlefield finds a button in his water glass and Lucy says it's because she found out she could save time by washing the dishes and the clothes together. Love it.</p>

<p>So much fun! Thanks!</p>

<p>S didn't have a clue who Lucille Ball was ..........until today. I witnessed his growing interest when looking at the clips on Google. It is amazing to notice how powerful this way of communication is. His generation doesn't watch television. However, a simple 'special' on Google has an immediate impact.</p>

<p>^^Oh dear…not know I Love Lucy?? TaiTai, you’ve convinced me to show at least one episode to my 9th grade students this year. There are probably a lot of kids like your son, and it’s a piece of Americana that needs to be preserved and passed on. My own kids have grown up on I Love Lucy. We have boxes of videotapes of old episodes, then the series came out on DVD and of course we had to get them. My daughter is probably even a bigger fan than I am. </p>

<p>Watching the cheese-baby episode now. Had forgotten how great this one is. Lucy smuggles a 25 pound cheese on the plane back to the US; it’s disguised as a baby because Ricky won’t pay the $50 fee for the cheese and Lucy thinks babies fly free. Turns out babies aren’t free so she tries to eat the 25 pound “baby” to get rid of it, and the lady next to her (on later shows she’s Caroline Appleby) thinks Lucy is psycho and has done something with the baby (where could it go on a plane??). I wish some of these lesser known episodes were on more often!</p>

<p>Bayberry - I've been somewhat glued to the talking box all evening, too!</p>

<p>I think one of my favorite episodes was when Lucy found out she was pregnant and Ricky wouldn't give her a chance to tell him. </p>

<p>And of course, the one where she has the baby.</p>

<p>And, Superman coming to little Ricky's birthday party while Lucy was stuck out on the ledge.</p>

<p>It's amazing how you can see the episodes so many times and still laugh out loud every time. Even though I own the boxed set, I never just pull out DVDs and watch them, so I'm loving this chance to revisit a lot of the episodes I haven't seen in a while. Now I'm trying to decide which episode to show my students. Maybe the chocolate factory since it's so often alluded to.</p>