Google Video Chat

<p>I just saw the news last night from Google on their new video chat application. I installed it on my two laptops (camera equipped) and I have one upstairs in the dining room aimed at the kitchen. I'm in the basement office and I can see my wife cooking in the kitchen. She can chat with me anytime she wants. It's like having a home video intercom.</p>

<p>I asked my son to set it up on his computer and we tested it out last night.</p>

<p>The application is incredibly easy to download and install (takes about a minute).</p>

<p>I could use other chat programs like Apple's built-in iChat but I tried that before and it is a pain to setup and use. Google's is as easy as using Google Chat out of email.</p>

<p>Sounds very cool. And it is free. I am in the process of moving most of my documents onto Google docs on their servers so that I can access them from anywhere I might travel. This cloud computing things looks like the next great event in computing.</p>

<p>I have a lot of personal documents on Google Documents now which means that a loss of a computer isn't a disaster. But you have to remember that you lose some control over ownership of the documents. Someone can potentially look at your documents if your account is compromised or if a security agency wants to look at your documents. Or you might lose access if Google goes down. So I wouldn't put the most sensitive data on Google documents. </p>

<p>I don't put sensitive company stuff on Google documents either.</p>

<p>I do find that it is a wonderful service - even a service that I would pay for.</p>