Got a 154 on my first practice LSAT.

<p>I'm signed up for a Powerscore LSAT prep course this Summer. Tonight was the first night of class, and the proctor just told us to bust out our prep books and get started with no guidance or anything, basically a cold LSAT. I got a raw score of 65, which comes out to 154 on the October 2010 LSAT conversion chart.</p>

<p>I was 8/15 on Logic Games, my worst portion but I didn't too hot on the other sections either. </p>

<p>How bad is a 154 for a diagnostic? My goal is to get somewhere around a 165 on the actual test in October 2013.</p>

<p>“How bad” is a relative term. I can tell you that without even starting my freshmen year of college.</p>

<p>What law schools are you looking at? What’s your GPA? What year of college?</p>

<p>Law school = purely quantitative admissions process.</p>

<p>Top 50. 3.3 at UCLA.</p>

<p>You will need to get that up to a 3.5 if you’re aiming for top 50 and at least a 160-165. If you can do so, good shot at Fordham and other peer law schools.</p>

I wouldn’t worry too much about your diagnostic score. I think I got a 156 or something on my diagnostic and I ended up with a 174 on the actual test.