Got a D in a course in my final semester prior to transferring. Do I lose my admission?

Hi guys,

Bad news. I’m an incoming computer science transfer student. Unfortunately, I had to take 5 classes this past semester and the load became too much. As a result, I got a D in my assembly language course that’s a major requirement. Will my admission be rescinded?

Some additional information: I’m getting As in all the rest of my classes (4 As and a D this semester) which include two golden four classes. I’ll have all my golden fours done without an issue and my GPA is still fine (around a 3.2-ish.) I meet the unit requirement as well.

Wow I just noticed my username. Ignore that, this is a serious question.

What does your provisional admission contract state? Are the required grades for courses in progress have to be a C- or higher? If the requirements are not spelled out, then you need to contact admissions and see what options you have.

All it says for transfer requirements are:

Complete 60 semester/90 quarter transferable units (I have that already)

Earn a qualifying GPA (my GPA will still be good after this semester since all my other grades are As)

Be in good standing at last college/university attended (I will be.)

Have completed 10 general education courses (30 semester units/45 quarter units), with a grade of C- or better, and, specifically, the “Golden Four” courses (I have this done.)

I’ve already contacted admissions, I’m just waiting for a response from them. That said, I’ve researched this and other people have said their admissions weren’t rescinded for not passing a course prior to transferring. We’ll see what happens.

Also I’m not doing an ADT, I’m just transferring.

Please update with CSUF’s answer and best of luck.

Can you update how this turned out for you please?

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