Got a D on senior second semester on AP Gov, really stressful right now please help!!!!!!

Hi guys,
my situation is that i am going to get a D on my senior second semester on AP Gov
I apply UCR as a math major, and the class i am taking this year is
Teacher Aid
Ap Physics C
Ap Calculus BC
Ap Gov/Ap Econ
Ap Environmental Science
Cp English
i would be plan to get 1A, 2B, 2C, and 1D second semester and i got 4B and 2A first semester
my question is what is my chance of been rescinding, and is there anything i can do about the grade, i am 0.04 percent off and my teacher won’t round the grade. The AP score for gov is not likely to be a passing grade as well.
Please help, thanks.

Contact admissions immediately since they are the only ones that can help you. Based on your provisional admission contract, admissions does have grounds to rescind your application due to any D’s or F’s.

Have you tried convincing your teacher to round it up? That his/her class will be the only reason why you can’t go to college? If you did all of your work but just did bad on the tests ask if there is any extra credit assignments. If the teacher feels it’s wrong to give you a C tell him/her that their class has nothing to do with your major and you will most likely never study it again. If it is too late do what Gumbymom has said. Sorry to hear about that grade.