Got a high SAT score? Prove it.

<p>I was just curious if the denizens of the famous and populated forum of College Confidential were truly as smart and anal as they said they were: so please, if you've taken the SAT and received a relatively high score, go to your online score reports and take a picture of it (prt scr).</p>

<p>Then CTRL+V it onto paint, and save it and upload it to imageshack or something. No names are to be included, merely the scores. Thanks, I just wanted to see if the people are College Confidential are the real deal, or just lying braggarts.</p>

<p>I think anyone can just take a picture from google and post it lol. Don't think a picture will provide anything. You would need them to post a video with them holding up their score and a police officer to verify their identity.</p>

<p>^Lol yea, i cud just as easily find an 800-800-800 picture online and photoshop it. And im someone who hasn't even taken it yet</p>

<p>I'm not sure of the "relatively high score" or "smart and anal" parts but, here yah go.
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