Got accepted as grad student to UIUC, Purdue, and Berkeley

So I got accepted into UIUC, Purdue, and Berkeley for the following tuitions: $12000, $14000, and $22500, respectively. I am an Illinois resident. For a graduate mechanical engineering degree, as I am pivoting my career towards a new industry, which school would you recommend? I may need to do online learning due to employment.

Thank you

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UIUC for price and ME rank (#5).


I’m assuming terminal MS since you’re paying. Thesis based or course based? If thesis based, who is doing research or projects that interest you?

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It is a non thesis path.

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It is just a bunch of classes so it is an MENG degree.

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I’d look at the curricula and see what lines up most with your interests. If you can take equivalent classes, I’d go to the cheapest one. Not only will UCB be more, but the cost of living will be much higher.

Where would you like to live?


Congratulations on your admissions. Those are all top-8 ME schools. I agree with @eymgh. Unless one program fits your interests a lot more, go with the cheapest overall, including living costs.

For what it’s worth, we visited all three campuses with our 3 sons on their college tours. West Lafayette and Urbana-Champaign are typical Big Ten college towns. Although it is in the Bay area, which is great, Berkeley is a dump and very expensive.

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Thank you, I picked UIUC

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Thank you for the valuable response! I picked UIUC

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Thank you, I picked that one.

Solid choice. Congrats!