Got accepted but no merit- am I allowed to ask why?

Hi! I just got accepted into my top choice, Occidental College, but received no scholarship merit. I am heartbroken by this because it means I won’t be attending. Am I allowed to email who signed my acceptance letter and ask why they didn’t offer me anything?

Of course. I’d politely state that the school is your top choice but you cannot attend without FA.

I agree also. It is fine to ask. Be sure to be polite and calm regardless of what they say.

Yes, you can ask. Above advice is good. How much do you need per year to make it happen? Did you get scholarships and/or fin aid from other schools?

To respond to everyone I don’t know if y’all can see this. I am trying to get a FAFSA forum filled but my family doubts we will have any actual eligibility due to my father’s profession. So merit-based scholarships were really my ticket for this:(

DId you get off the waitlist at Occidental? You didn’t apply for financial aid?

Filing FAFSA will allow you to access the $5,500 student loan, but that’s it. You also need to file the CSS Profile to be considered for need-based aid from Occidental. Not sure they will let you submit that at this late date.

Run the net price calculator here to get an estimate of costs and to see if you might be eligible for aid: If it shows you might qualify for aid, contact admissions and ask if you can still submit CSS Profile.

Regarding merit, I agree with the posters above…sure you can ask, but those scholarships are likely already awarded.

What is the max cost you could pay at Oxy?