Got advice in real life and I was told not to go into certain healthcare fields they are saturated

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Lot’s of people told me they don’t like their choices they made. One advice from an actual nurse is “don’t go into nursing, you will hate it and feel miserable”

You have to do all the work most of the time like a slave, be on you’re feet for many hours going back and forth. Depending up on the patients some need to be cleaned and changed, which causes an odor. Some patients a nurse has to lift “without accommodations” or else it’s bye bye. If a patient is paralyzed with some medicine, a nurse has to team lift or lift them on their own since it will be dead weight to the full.

I’ve seen enough horror advice to make my blood go white. I’ll venture into another healthcare field something. I don’t have the physical ability yet to lift a person still working out my body to build for muscle mass. Plus I feel happy and relieved I’m away from college and taking a nice long break.

Now I already know what my choices and plans are will post my full college transcript soon :slight_smile:

I’m not going to do something that will stress me out and put my health in even more serious condition. I always block out people from my life who pose a danger to my health and stay in isolation to heal.

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Oh for the love of Pete. Make your own decisions- there are plenty of happy nurses. There are curmudgeons in every field. That said, all you’ve posted says this isn’t the field for you anyway, for other reasons. Co to your school’s career counseling center for help.


Nursing is a broad field. Yes, there are positions that involve lots of lifting and long shifts on your feet(mainly hospital nursing). But there is also clinic nursing, psychiatric nursing, pediatric nursing etc. Consider all your options before ruling it out.

Wouldn’t he have to get through all his clinic rotations before specializing? Not sounding like he can do that.


Yes, would have to get through all rotations. If he feels he can’t do that, he should choose a different field.

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Career counseling they look like they don’t even know what they are doing. I got the vibe from them “figure it out on you’re own” Very rude counseling.

You just had your other chat closed. You can’t even go through the classes. We needn’t go through this all again.

I’m not seeing the purpose of this thread; it seems like rehash of previous threads. Nor does it appear that there will be any novel advice offered. While I wish you luck, I’m closing the thread.