Got deferred... Anything to do?

<p>I'm so upset....since gt is my first choice! Maybe is about my sat score? I got 2030 and 590 for cr. The AO said I should wait for the supplement form which will be available in Feb.. But I just want to get in gt soooooooo much!!! Can somebody suggest something to do except to take another sat?</p>

<p>sat:590cr, 670wr, 770math
sat2: math2 800, physics 790, chem700
Top 5%
APs: Calculus BC, Physics BC (haven't take the test)
Asian female</p>

<p>EC: section leader in orchestra, performed in Europe, 2nd prize in high school orchestra competition of the nation.
Vice president of psychology club.
Music club, held rock concerts, broadcast etc..
Volunteer work at local museum, HFH etc...</p>

<p>Thank you!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>guys plz help me!</p>

<p>I got deferred as well, I read online to immediately call or email admissions. Say that your thankful they gave you this chance, and remind them that GA tech is your first choice. Deferred</a> College Admission - What To Do If You Get Deferred for College Admission has some great information, as well as sample emails to admissions officers. We have very similar SAT scores, and some varying other stats. Because it's too late for us to take the SAT again, as January scores won't be released till after the supplement form goes out, I'm looking to add a hook. I'm trying to quickly get some sort of job/internship that will really shine on my supplement. Look for a job shadow/internship/related job in the career area your applying for, and chase it down. Be relentless.
You're grades are better than mine, if that is any consolation on your part. Remember we're still competitive, and we're still in it. Keep me acknowledged on any updates, maybe we can help each other along the way.</p>

<p>I might find some programs related to the major I'm applying....Actually I've emailed the AO but I think that didn't really help. Thank you!!!</p>