Got Green Card approval but still didn't get the actual doc, Can I file FAFSA?

<p>Will I be considered a permanent resident?</p>

<p>I have been waiting for the green card approval for five years. Six months ago I've had the final interview and a month ago I was asked to send my passport to the embassy. I understand that when my passport returns I will have six months to arrive in the USA and get the actual green card.</p>

<p>Now meantime I want to apply to a college but I'm afraid that I will not receive the green card on time to be registered in the school as green card holder. </p>

<p>How much time does it take to receive the actual green card once I'm in the states?
Do you think that the approval from the embassy is enough for college\FAFSA to consider me as a permanent resident?</p>



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<p>You will not be considered a permanent resident until you have the green card because you will need your A # (which will be on the card).</p>

<p>Thanks sybbie719</p>

<p>I heard that my A# should be given to me with my passport, can someone contradict that?</p>


<p>Why don't you double check this at the consulate? Back in the last century when Happydad got his legal residence, they put a stamp indicating that in his passport. I can't remember whether or not his A# was written in there as well.</p>

<p>How much longer do you have to wait for this anyway? Shouldn't you have it in only a week or so?</p>

<p>The stamp on the passport is not valid for admissions/finanicial aid purposes. you must have the actual green card</p>

<p>Thanks sybbie719!</p>

<p>Hopefully, I will get my passport the next week or so.. </p>

<p>In addition to the stamp on the passport I am going to receive a closed envelope that has documents for the immigration officer. My A# will probably be on it.. </p>

<p>I asked the consulate to send me a copy of that document but I doubt they'll do that. </p>

<p>Is travelling to the USA my only choice if I want to obtain my documents prior to college registration?</p>

<p>the US is issuing a new more secured green card. I think you do receive the card once you are in the US.</p>