Got in...Engineering

Out of state
SAT 1290 M 690 V 600
UW GPA 3.8 UM Recalculated 3.5
College of engineering
Good EC, Essay, recommendations
Sent September 30 Received Nov 9</p>

<p>Congrtulations Allrightie...and well done. Let us know your decision.</p>


<p>Just wondering, what do you mean by good EC, I am know extracurricular stuff, but what constitutes good?</p>

<p>I was very serious about joining the army, so I was in Civil Air Patrol for years. I changed my mind to engineering last year. I also have competed in Orienteering (what's that you say?). I helped found the math club at our high school and I am going to our state competition soon. I go to technology classes outside of school and I travel extensively during the summer. I dappled a little in basketball, art and cartooning.</p>