got in!!!!!!!

<p>i applied second week of october and received my letter of acceptance on monday!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>that wasn't even 3 weeks!

<p>by the way... this is stuckat410 from the previous board... i don't know if any of you know who i am..</p>

<p>where did you get in'?</p>

<p>I'm assuming Umich</p>

<p>cool beans where do you want to go?></p>

<p>Yay!!! Way to go Stuckat! Great news. So, are you going to join us or is Northwestern still your first choice?</p>

<p>joining you!</p>

<p>You go girl!!! I guess your 54-week year really impressed Michigan eh?! hehe Welcome to the family!</p>

<p>Hmm, wonder if that means I'll get a response soon too. I applied on Oct. 7th. Think I'll be hearing soon?</p>

<p>congrats :)
im still waiting for mine...</p>

<p>what essay did u write</p>

<p>Lauren, I hope you hear soon. My daughter also applied on Oct. 7. For her, she will not hear if she gets in as she has to audition to get into the BFA program there but the first step is having her written app reviewed by both general admissions at UMich plus a second packet of materials to the Music School and then IF she passes that step (like passing go, lol) she will get an "invitation" to audition. I hope she hears very soon, same with you. Please know she has not yet heard so is in the same boat. She has a couple friends who have heard but they applied before she did so perhaps the round of apps the week you and my D sent theirs in has not yet gone through the ringer. Good luck.

<p>Lauren, you should hear very soon I think. Guess what? I JUST found out my D was approved by admissions to audition! She does not even know! She has an email account she never checks that we use for colleges, not friends and she is also rarely home. I just went to check it and my mind kept thinking, wouldn't it be so cool if UM sent an email and lo and behold there is one there and it is very positive! And she is at rehearsal for her show 50 miles away and in fact, it should have gotten out 15 min. ago and she is supposed to be calling when it gets out and I can't wait to tell her. I am posting this mostly to tell you, Lauren, because you said you applied the same day she did and this is kinda like "getting in notice" as far as her academic review but for her, it is going to be very very very tough to truly get in on the audition part as they only accept about 5% of those who audition for her program but this first academic step she passed I guess. </p>

<p>She just called and I told her and I got to go to the website and select the audition date she had wanted and it all worked out. </p>

<p>Please let us know about you, Lauren. I imagine it could be any day. She got nothing yet in snail mail. This email notification thing may just be what BFA students get because the point was to tell her she was approved and must schedule/confirm her audition online and so I am not sure if regular kids get email notification or only snail mail. Someone else might be able to say who is a regular applicant. My guess is that is via snail mail because it is like a full fledged acceptance or denial whereas for my D, this is like she passed step one (academic review) and is informing her of the next step she must confirm online. So, that must be why hers is via email. My point in telling you is that applicants from that date must be hearing around now!</p>


<p>Great news Susan. You sound very excited! Shame on you, sneaking into your daughter's e-mail account like that!!! hehe Anyway, I hope your daughter gets Michigan. Keep us posted.</p>

<p>Alexandre, hey, thanks. Actually, this is not a case of "sneaking in". This is not the email account she ever uses for anything like friends. She never signs onto it. It is her old one from when younger but she listed this one for all her college admissions stuff. She WANTS me to check that account. She is barely home but to sleep. Something just made me think to check it tonight and when she called at the end of rehearsal to give me a heads up that it was over, she was very happy I had checked. Now, if I were reading her personal email stuff, another story all together. </p>

<p>Believe me, when admissions envelopes come in April (or whenever), I NEVER open my kids' mail. This email thing tends to be more like confirmation notes of visits or audition dates. This one tonight was of a "good news" variety but that is not the common kind of email that I check for but glad I did. She had told me of a friend who applied to UM for same program, about a week before she did who had received an email invitation to audition which made her really want me to check on that account for her when she is not home (which is pretty much all the time but to sleep!). I did not really explain that originally on here so it sounds like I read her personal email or that she would not have liked me to open the account where college correspondence is going but believe me, this is the opposite of the case. She WANTED me to check that account and she is GLAD I did. ;-)

<p>I was just pulling your leg Susan. I realize you do not snoop around. But the accusation was fun! hehe</p>

<p>Anyway all the best to the young lady. I hope to hear more positive news from you with regards to her university application process.</p>

<p>thanks Alexandre....believe me, if I were to read her other email account, I would not hear the end of</p>

<p>That's great news, Susan! Tell your daughter good luck from me. I still haven't heard but I'll let you all know when I do. Thanks for the advice!</p>

<p>Does your admissions decisions come online or through snail-mail?</p>

<p>is it bad if i havent yet applieed</p>