Got into Simmons- not nursing though?

Okay so I found out I got into Simmons with a 18k/year scholarship- but I didn’t get into the nursing program…
My question is- How hard is it to be accepted when you reapply at the end of your freshman year?
I’ve heard its all pre reqs freshman year so I wouldn’t be missing much actual nursing. Is this true?

Hi! I got accepted into the nursing program yesterday. I have friends who are currently in the nursing program and they got in by reapplying end of Freshman year (they say the course load is hard but if you show you are determined, it’s very possible). Congrats on acceptance!

Hi! I’m currently going to Simmons and not in the nursing program. I was very hesitant about deciding to come even though I was not in the program, but everyone assures you that its very doable and rest assured that you will most likely get in as long as you meet the requirements of a C+ (77) in each of the science courses. This year they even changed the curriculum for internal nursing applicant so that they could take the same Biology and Chem classes that are actually designed especially for nursing students and made up of only the nursing students. They also made it so there is no nursing class for first years, so we won’t be missing out on any nursing classes at all! I don’t even realize that I’m not in the program, and it actually just makes me motivated to study more so that I do my absolute best. The classes can be tough but you really just need to study a lot and take advantage of all of the resources. The study group leaders and tutors are amazing and really helped me understand the material better. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions, I know I was just as lost as you were last year!