Got into UConn and am going 99%...just wanted to know..

<p>What kind of nightlife is there on campus. I know there's no town but what do people do besides concerts and comediands and stuff. Thanks and hope to meet some of you soon!</p>

<p>Yes, its in the middle of nowhere but I hear that it is a party school. I'm sure you'll find a lot of stuff to do. Maybe ask a current Uconn student? But yes, it is a good university and you would do good. Did you apply for the feb 1st deadline and have u JUST heard from them?? I applied and have still not received the reply :(</p>

<p>Root for UConn basketball like your life depended on it. Go Huskies!</p>

<p>UCONN is in the middle of nowhere which is why there is so much to do on campus. My D's friends who are there always seem to have a lot to do. Lots of clubs, sororities, fraternities, concerts etc. My D has been accepted and was planning on going until some other acceptances came this week. Now we have some hard decisions to make. Oh Yeah by the way, it is known as a great party school. Work hard, play hard. :)</p>

<p>Too bad for the Uconn huskies men :( lol...</p>

<p>The arena at Uconn is radiculous..just Wow.. There is not a single basketball arena like that anywhere in Russia. Does the basketball court convert to the ice rink. And is the Uconn hockey team any good?</p>