Got the Presidential Scholarship!

<p>Came in the mail today. $85,600 over 4 years. Yay!</p>

<p>Post if you received scholarship money as well...</p>

<p>Congratulations bro, How hard is this to get? What was your GPA/SATs</p>

<p>Congratulations!!! My SATs aren't high enough to receive the presidential but they are high enough (along with GPA and class rank) for the $7500/year. Have heard nothing yet.</p>

<p>GPA: 99.8 weighted (rank 5/315, but not reported)
SAT: 2370 single, 2400 superscore (does Rutgers superscore?)</p>

<p>Anyway, I'm glad to have a school as great as Rutgers as a financial safety.</p>

<p>Wow, that is an amazing score! Great job! I'll never understand how people can score perfects hahaha.</p>

<p>Where else did you apply?</p>


<p>did you enroll? I meet the qualifications for the presidential scholarship but i haven't received notification of it yet</p>

<p>I haven't enrolled yet, because I'm waiting on other decisions. As for other schools, HYP, some top southern schools like Duke, Emory, Vandy, Rice.</p>

<p>I got this too! :) I was really happy. It's based on rank and SAT score. You have to be in the top 5% and SAT of 1500+ (Math and Verbal only). Mine was 1510. :) </p>

<p>Anyway I too applied to ivies and stuff but given the fact that a) they are very selective and b) they are likely to cost a lot more in my specific financial situation Rutgers is definetely way up there now.</p>

<p>got this today :]</p>

<p>Very happy; great great value.</p>

<p>It says on the site that you need a SAT superscore of 2250, but I only had a 2240. I did have a 4.0 GPA though. How many people get presidential every year?</p>