Got the Presidential when I was expecting the Trustee

Hey, I applied to Hofstra rolling. I got accepted with a 26K presidential. I’m international with very high stats, great extracurriculars, top 1 percent of my class, and am on a gap year. I was expecting the full tuition trustee scholarship. Did I not get this scholarship because I’m international. For reference, I’m applying to a lot of other colleges and Hofstra is one of my safeties. I got a full-ride at one of my safeties already and deferred from my top choice in December. Did this happen to anyone else who was expecting a trustee

It doesn’t say anything about international student’s ineligibility so may be there was another reason.

FWIW only 30 students qualify for Trustee Scholarship, about 2,500 out of 17,000 admitted students get presidential scholarships.

I doubt Hofstra will give you any exact reason as to why you got the Presidential over the Trustee. Just that however many students were selected because they were considered better picks. Whether being international had anything to do with it is possible. But then again ,maybe not. My SIL as an international applicant got quite a few top scholarships at US schools.

Yup. OP is competitive but as only less than 0.2% admitted students were selected for trustee scholarship, it’s not a given for anyone.

@CupCakeMuffins - I agree. I told DD20 that she should not rule herself out because she has just as much of a chance as anyone but not to EXPECT anything and if she does get anything it is indeed a gift and a blessing. Yes, her stats are pretty good but so are many other students in the country and beyond as well.

Good strategy. Best of luck!

Thank you for the replies, everyone. What y’all said is very much true.

I am an international too and was accepted with 26K. I got 1450 in my SAT. I believe that all the internationals received the Presidential Scholarship rather than the Trustee one.