Gotta love rolling admissions!!!

<p>D2 was accepted today at Pitt...peace of mind for her to know she has an acceptance already,though will hold off til she hears from her top 3....</p>

<p>Hope the roll continues....its good to have choices! ;-)</p>

<p>Congrats. I remember that sense of relief. It got us through many an anxious hour.</p>


<p>I'd recommend a "rolling" safety for everyone. It really takes a load off.</p>

<p>D1 didn't apply to any schools with rolling admissions, so this is all new to us...way less stressful then the 1st time around</p>

<p>Rolling, early action, priority application - whatever it is, it really is great.</p>

<p>See, you got better the second time around! Congrats.</p>

<p>We got Minnesota today, another she'd actually be willing to attend, so I'm feeling pretty good, as is my D.</p>

<p>qdogpa, sujormik -- congrats! I am learning from you. The waiting to hear about college for my D (Class of '15) put a damper on: Thanksgiving, Xmas, Easter, and almost Mother's Day (she got off the WL May 28). </p>

<p>Now you and your kids can heave a big sigh of relief. Way to go! I'm taking notes for S'14.</p>

<p>Are there any other Top 100-ish Us or LACs that offer rolling admissions, other than Pitt?</p>

<p>Here is a set of threads with great suggestions:</p>

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<p>Most public U's will have rolling admissions. This doesn't necessarily mean an early answer, though.</p>

<p>The UW-Madison site has threads of chances for next fall along with anxious "did you hear yet" posts on other threads. They offer status notification by mid January (instead of by mid March as a latest answer) for those who applied by today, the rolling admissions decisions are not necessarily in order of applications received. Kind of funny to read last night's posts about the slow server and getting the computer to take the essays (I was reminded of how my son got his Stanford app in by midnight of the admission deadline- California time, sigh. On a school night). The earliest admissions are coming in- usually those with top stats. Some of those who get a reply by mid Jan will get postponed until the final decisions are made. Equal chances until the February 1st deadline (son's in by mid January years ago) so some won't hear a final decision until they evaluate those even if they applied by now.</p>

<p>Congratulations -- Pitt is a fantastic school. Yay!</p>

<p>(We're happy here, too. Our senior hs DD has two nice options already in hand. One is pretty much her "dream school" in many ways.)</p>

<p>We also love rolling admissions. With D1 we just got lucky that one of the OOS public schools had rolling admissions and a simple application. When the Yes we want you came in October we were surprised.
With kid 2 and kid 3 I made a point of getting at least one sure thing done as early as possible. For Kid 2 it was Northern Arizona. I knew he would probably not end up there but it gave us all a sign of relief that come the following fall he was going somewhere.
With senior D she has one rolling acceptance. It is a safety but a school that might just be the right fit for her. She is waiting on 3 other rolling or EA schools. She still has several EA schools that have Nov 15th or Dec 1st deadlines.
I also like that with rolling or EA decision it gives us time to space out the college visits.</p>

<p>Congrats on the Pitt acceptance! Way to go. It is so nice to have one in already. Senior year should be FUN!</p>

<p>congratulations!! Isn't it a WONDERFUL feeling to KNOW your child WILL be going to college!!</p>


<p>NAU is a jewel of a school, imo. What a location! Hmmm. Think I'll suggest daughter slip in an application there.</p>

<p>In response to #10:</p>

<p>Tulane also offers rolling admission. Drexel did in the past, but they have not released any acceptances yet this Fall.</p>

<p>Alabama has a quick response Rolling Admissions. If your stats are good enough, then you'll get your admissions within about 2 weeks after app, transcripts, and scores are rec'd...sometimes much quicker...those with high stats are reporting acceptances within 48 hours after the schools receives stats.</p>

<p>If your stats are borderline, then the school will wait for any retests and then let you know.</p>

<p>Interesting....Naviance shows Muhlenberg as being rolling....I did not get that impression at the info session.</p>