Goucher 2020

Anyone considering Goucher for fall 2020? My D20 just got her acceptance today.

It’s definitely not her top choice, but wow - they gave her such a great merit package, I want to make sure she’s not ruling it out.

I would love to hear from anyone else who is thinking about Goucher.

My D20 was also recently accepted, and with a nice merit offer. She had a great visit there in October, and it is definitely on her short list.

A sibling is considering for Fall 2020 but hasn’t applied yet… Can I ask what yalls stats were? And how much aid you got?

I don’t know my D20’s exact stats - GPA is something like 3.89 weighted / 4.1 weighted with many AP & honors classes (her HS only weighs AP- an A in honors is still 4.0). Her best ACT was 33, with a 34 superscore.

Merit aid offer is $33k per year, which makes Goucher the most affordable option she has, other than a neighboring state school where we have reciprocity. It’s looking very unlikely that this will be her choice, though.

My daughter is considering Goucher, Wheaton (Massachussetts), and Washington College. She got excellent merit awards at each. She just was accepted to Muhlenberg this week, and is less interested in that school, although I would like her to consider it. Unfortunately she was planning to re-visit these schools over the next month. Goucher is high on her list because she did an overnight visit there in February. I like the school a lot too. I am concerned that because it is less selective, she might find it less stimulating.

Hi, My D20 is also considering Goucher, Wheaton MA and Ursinus with merit from all. We haven’t visited any and we’re planning to visit in spring but now that’s no longer possible. Have you visited Goucher and or Wheaton Ma? If so, how did they compare? I’m concerned about Goucher’s selectivity as well. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

We visited Goucher and I thought the campus was beautiful - brand new freshman dorms, the dining facility looked great, amazing library - it’s really too small for my daughter, but she still came away wanting to apply.

I was not concerned about the selectivity - in fact, my daughter asked our tour guide about that, and she chose it because they have a great track record for med school admissions. Sometimes it’s better to be top of your class at a less selective school than middle of the pack somewhere else (still trying to convince my daughter of this for the two schools she is still considering)

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Yes that is certainly true. Did your D get a feel of the students? What did she think?

She really liked our tour guide. It was such a small group doing tours that day that we actually had a private tour. I would say it’s definitely a quirky student body, but there are a lot of athletes too. She has a trusted younger adult in her life who went there, so she went into it with a good impression.