Goucher College EA 2019

Hey guys. I applied EA to Goucher College and the website says decisions should be mailed no later than February 1st. I was wondering if any of you have heard back yet?
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My daughter applied EA and got an email yesterday that she was accepted. It said the letter would be in the mail to her in a few days.

Oh. Guess I’m not in. Haven’t even received an email yet. Thanks and congrats to your daughter!

@hopefulstudent99 My friend got her decision 2 weeks ago and I just got my email 2 days ago and letter today. They send things at different times. Just because you didn’t get anything yet doesn’t mean you didn’t get in. Take a deep breath, and good luck :slight_smile:

Thank you! I haven’t heard back at all yet. No rejection or acceptance through email. Should I contact the admissions office or just wait to see if a letter arrives this week? And congrats to you and your friend on Goucher! That’s awesome :slight_smile:

hmm yeah it might be a good idea to contact them

also try checking your spam folder

I’m an intl student and haven’t heard back at all yet either!

Turns out they didn’t receive my semester grades so couldn’t make a final decision! Happy to say I’ve been accepted!!! YES!

got in with 19k a year mary fisher scholarship!!!

they emailed and then sent the package a few days later. totally unexpected. thought it would be april 1st.

sooooo happy.

have to see where else I get in and what the money sitch is, but goucher is definitely a possibility. :smile:

hope to see u guys at accepted students day.