Goucher College names Kent Devereaux its new president.


“…Having led the New Hampshire Institute of Art during a time when the college overhauled its curriculum, doubled the number of applications and tripled fundraising, Devereaux has many of the skills Goucher was looking for as it adjusts to an evolving landscape in higher education. Devereaux, 61, said he would continue to explore ways the small Towson college can adapt, while increasing its revenue streams and using new techniques to attract students.”

Does anyone have any opinions/insight on this appointment? I know the school is currently on the NACAC list of schools with openings currently available, so increasing recruitment efforts will be an important goal.

How is it going with Goucher in the transistion? Does anyone know? There’s a lot about it that is a fit for my S21 but I get nervous that it may not be rising from the ashes. They have a good choice of music ensembles but the orchestra director is in transition too. I see they’ve closed some majors too which may not be as big a deal since they are part of the Baltimore Student Exchange (wiith Johns Hopkins among others).

Anyone know how many Goucher students take advantage of the exchange, and how easy or arduous it is to sign up and take the classes? https://www.goucher.edu/registrar/baltimore-student-exchange-program