Government Internships for High School Students

Does anybody know about any research institute or government body that’s accepting high school interns?

The State Department, Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, and other government bodies all participate in the Pathways Internship Program which is supposedly open to high school students. However, the site these internships are on (USA Jobs) is very confusing and I haven’t been able to find a Pathways internship that’s actually open to high school students. The only internship I’ve found is one at the Government Accountability Office. I’m applying for this, but really want to find more internships so I have a better chance of getting one. Please help!

Use USAJOBS. For high school, these are very few and depend on staffing needs and budget available.
More are for college students getting ready to graduate.
Try military contractors.
Check once a week. New fiscal year starting and only temp funding in place.

May have more opportunities at local level with part time volunteer work / town, city officials, park and recreation, community service.

Check with guidance counselor at your high school.

thank you