Governor's Schools Summer Program on Common Application

Has anyone else attended a state sponsored Governor’s School Summer Program? I think most states have them, albeit under different names like Governor’s Program, Governor’s Institute, Scholars Academy, Fine Arts Academy Governor’s Camp, etc. When listing it on the Common App, would you put this under Activities or the Awards section in Education? My friends told me that it would probably be an award, but I feel like that would reduce its significance, as I wouldn’t be able to explain in depth its importance. It’s one of the main selling points of my application, so I would really like to portray it in the best light possible.
Thanks for the help!

My D20 applied for this summer. I think it’s an activity not an award, but do not worry because colleges know it is an elite honor to be selected!

@21pasta any updates? D20 has her audition next weekend. We won’t hear until the beginning of March.