Governors vs. Hill,Avon, Salisbury

<p>I know Govs and Hill are in a different league then Avon and Salisbury academically, but I was wondering if people could share their prospectives on the different schools.</p>

<p>I tend to disagree with you on the academic "league" of the schools.<br>
AP Classes offered: SAlisbury: 15, Avon: 18, Governors: 18, Hill: 20
Average SAT: Salisbury: 1730, Avon: 1780, Governors: 1841, Hill:1802
The acceptance rates at Gov and Hill are lower, but that's probably because girls apply too... :)
College matriculation at the schools are all 4 about the same if you look. A few Ivys, Bucknell appears quite a bit, Trinity, UPenn, BU, the Service Academies.</p>

<p>Beyond that....according to BSR, all but Governors have Saturday classes and are formal dress (I know that to be true of Salisbury and Avon, don't know about Hill).</p>

<p>Obviously, athletics are strong at the guys schools. If you play hockey, Avon just went 24-1 and won NE championship. You will find a team that you can be a contributin and successful member of. However, it is harder to make varsity.</p>

<p>Hill is coat and tie. Linda I think you may have mixed up Hill's avg. SAT w/ Governors. Other schools to consider at this level are Holderness, Tabor, Woodberry Forest.</p>

<p>Maybe LaxCoach, I was writing them down quickly last night. </p>

<p>I guess the point I was making is that academically the difference, in my opinin, between an average SSAT score of 1730-1841 isn't huge. And looking at the individually, 1780 for Avon and 1802 of either Gov or Hill is less than 20 points difference. The 4 schools offer virtually the same number of AP classes and the college matriculation is similar. So, to say that the boys schools are not "in the same league academically" is not really accurate in my opinion.</p>

<p>In any case, I've actually been thinking abou this question a lot since we were struggeling with a similar potential decision. We like the all boys education. We feel that for many (I understand not all) boys, they learn differently and research shows that boys grades go up dramatically in a single gender classroom. We thought my son would be more successful academically at a boys schools, more successful athletically at the co-ed school.</p>

<p>My son was accepted at Hill and found out that one student committed suicide this fall. I understand that he was a PG lax player and it was related to his girlfriend. However, we were concerned that the atmosphere might be repressive and somehow may have contributed...Please do not take my word for this but try to find out for yourself. One of my medical colleagues went to Governors and then MD/PhD program. She and her classmates did very well. Another colleague's
husband worked at Avon and loved it. I heard that Salisbury also has wonderful sports. The boys generally have socials with the girls's schools which works out well for both.</p>

<p>It is a sad fact of life that teenagers sometimes commit suicide, and it is a tragedy beyond words every time it happens, but it happens at all different kinds of schools in all different parts of the country. To say that this incident happened because Hill is "repressive" is a low blow. Four students have commited suicide at NYU during the past sveral years and few would accuse NYU of being repressive. Students today are under a great deal of stress and a rejection from one's first choice college can seem devastating. It was a tragedy, but for you to blame Hill is unconscionable. You have a lot of nerve, even for a nerve doctor.</p>

<p>Those schools are all excellent and will give you a great education. Do you want to go to a school with all guys? Do you want to wear a suit? Does the percentage of boarders matter? (Governor's is only 66% and we were told it is pretty quiet on the weekends)</p>

<p>What sports are you interested in? The boys schools tend to dominate most sports and are in a competetive league. Governor's is in the ISL. </p>

<p>Good Luck and enjoy your revisits.</p>