Gov't & Politics or Crim?

<p>I'm looking for a major to pair with my finance major. I want to do either criminology and criminal justice or government and politics. Does anyone have any ideas of which major is easier and which would better prepare me to get a job right after graduation? I am also looking into law school. Thanks</p>

<p>Jobs for CJ majors primarily seem to be relatively low-level positions, e.g., probation officer. Also, CJ majors are not among the highest scorers on the LSAT. A political science major will provide better job prospects (if anything can in the current economy) and better law school preparation. You can always take an elective course or two in criminology to satisfy your interest.</p>

<p>Cosign zapfino:</p>

<p>I know correlation does not equal causation, but judging by empirical evidence of standardized test scores and school outcomes, the result is clear. Either a disproportionate share of less-intelligent people are somehow drawn to Criminal Justice, or Criminal Justice as a discipline doesn't develop the rigorous thought required to be successful in graduate studies.</p>

<p>So, to answer your question more directly, Criminology would be easier, but it would not adequately prepare you for a job after graduation or for law school.</p>

<p>My suggestion...</p>

<p>If you are even remotely considering law school, then stop thinking about which major is easier. You need to prepare your mind.</p>

<p>Getting into the mindset of "taking the easy route" is law school "suicide!"</p>