GPA and Grade Reporting

I am in the process of applying to McGill for the 2021 Fall semester. I know that I go through their own site but it only has the basic information of parents and high school, there’s no section for GPA or Grades. Do we report those after we get accepted? Or does it come up after you pay? The fee is scaring me a little and I want to make sure I’m doing it properly.

Also, should I report just my ACT Composite score? Or all the individual sections? I have a 32 ACT but one of the tests I took I got a higher reading score than the other one.

They will give you a login to Minerva. In Minerva, you will upload your unofficial transcript. I believe you have the ACTs sent to them. (It has been three years.) I do not believe they Superscore…so just chose the one you want to send.

Check the website for the minima - this is the one for US students ( The grades change little year to year. It is a very good guide.

Good luck with your application. My son is graduating next May - he has had a tremendous experience at McGill. “Best decision of my life, dad.”