GPA below 3.0 and GRE 1100

<p>Hello all,</p>

<p>I'm looking for your valuable advice. My GPA is 2.84 and GRE 1100 (Verbal 530 and Quant 570) I have yet to receive my Writing scores. I go to a Christian University in South Carolina. Admittedly, it is not well accredited. I am an international student. To be honest, I expected a higher score in verbal but test day, oh goodness- it was so hard. Anyways, my major is Biology. I'm wondering,</p>

<li>What graduate schools would you advise that I apply to?
I want to apply to schools near the Virgina, D.C area. But like I said, accreditation will be a problem. </li>
<li>Would it be wiser to apply to a local Grad school, and try to get a transfer from there? </li>

<p>Please respond. Your advice might be the only one I ever get. </p>