Gpa boost help

Hi there everyone! I am currently a junior who has a 4.0 this semester, but for my sophomore year I had a 3.14. How much will my gpa increase?

if you completed 5th grade you should be able to solve this yourself.
(freshman GPA + 3.14)= former GPA
(freshman GPA + 3.14 + 4)/3 = new GPA
difference between former and new GPA = how much your GPA will increase

Please share and we can suggest projections.

And of course, we’re assuming you’re talking unweighted.

I think you meant to write
“(freshman GPA + 3.14)/2= former GPA”

Of course, this assumes that the OP took the same number of courses which figure into their GPA during each of those three years. My kid did not do that, each year had a different number of credits.


GPA = (freshman GPA x number of freshman credits + 3.14 x number of sophomore credits + first semester junior year GPA x number of first semester junior year credits + 4 x number of credits taken)/total number of credits taken freshman to Junior year.

Remember, of course, the order of operations.

Averaging your annual GPAs will probably give a good estimate. But to be completely accurate, you need to weight by credits (or however your school defines the calculation).

A quick Google search will turn up the straightforward math needed to do GPA calculations, weighted for credit values.

It will be a valuable skill, rather than asking strangers every time you want to know. And more accurate, as we know nothing about your relative credit loads.