GPA Booster Class?

<p>Title, anything particularly easy to get an A+ in?</p>

<li>Music appreciation :)</li>
<li>Regular P.E.</li>
<li>Teacher's Aid or Office Aid</li>
<li>Many regular core classes. English, History, Science, etc. (depends on teacher too)</li>
<li>Business Math</li>
<li>Film Study </li>

<p>Why do want an easy class? Is your G.P.A. so low that you're going to take ridiculous classes just to inflate your G.P.A? </p>

<p>I hope that's not your reason for posting this thread. If it is, then you might as well give up on Cornell cause you have no chance with that kind of thought process.</p>

<p>there are plenty of these kinds of classes. What type of class are you looking for?</p>

<p>You could always take another foreign language class because it looks good (i.e.- latin)</p>

<p>Does it particularly matter if you get an A+ instead of an A?</p>

<p>Only reason I'm lookin at easy classes because Im looking around a 3.9 and I want to graduate summa cum laude. That's all, call me shallow....I know </p>

<p>But I might take a foreign language, they are 4 credits and I learn language very well. I guess I'm looking for classes that are interesting/fun and graded generously.:p </p>

<p>Thanks for the replies.</p>