Gpa Calculation

<p>Is your Fall GPA applied in the gpa calculation? Like say If I make my application in september do the grades I get in that fall get added into the gpa I submitted? Not sure how this works, any clarification? Because I could use my fall grades as major gpa boost for me..</p>

<p>If its for spring semester than no. What ever gpa you apply with is what they are going to use. However, if colleges are on the fence about you, they will ask for your current grades to use as a decider. Plus you still have mid term reports to send in as well as final transcripts once you're accepted. So basically, do your best even if its not being counted in your application gpa.</p>

<p>The UCs consider all the grades you get up to the end of your Fall semester (after applying). They'll provisionally accept you if you meet all GPA/unit/prerequisite requirements. Just don't screw anything up during your Spring semester prior to transferring or they could rescind their decision.</p>

<p>okay. you submit your app in november, you submit your grades up until summer, of course unless you have classes completed before november deadline, and I'm sure you post work in progress.</p>