GPA calculation?

On the SDSU website, it says that GPA is calculated by using grades from 10-12 but incoming freshmen don’t have to send senior year transcripts until after you get admitted. Does that mean gpa is really only calculated using grades from 10-11?

The old CSU Mentor Website stated the same thing 10-12th grades when in reality, most Seniors do not even have Mid-year 12th grades to submit since they start accepting high stat applicants in December and the rest in February. Some applicants on a quarter or trimester system will have Senior grades to submit by the Nov 30th deadline, so the CSU’s could use these grades in the GPA calculation. Also Gap year applicants, will submit their Senior grades and they will also be used in their GPA calculation.

SDSU did ask for 7th semester transcripts after my son enrolled in March.

CSU Fullerton is one of the few schools that asks for 7th semester transcripts. My younger son was admitted early (December) a few years back and was asked for his 7th semester transcripts to be submitted by a February deadline. Since he did not plan to attend, he never did send them but maybe CSU Fullerton is trying to make sure that applicants are not slacking their Senior year by asking for the transcripts prior to their February decisions.

For admission purposes, 10-11th a-g course grades are used for the CSU GPA calculation.