GPA calculation

<p>How does uchicago calculate your official GPA? Do they weight classes that are honors or is there no GPA incentive to take honors classes? Thanks.</p>

<p>Not sure what you mean.</p>

<p>Do you mean how does Chicago admissions calculate high school GPA? I have no idea, but I'm certain they are looking for the most challenging curriculum, so if you haven't taken those classes you wouldn't even get to the starting line.</p>

<p>Or maybe (probably) you mean how does Chicago calculate GPA for its undergraduates? As far as I know, grades aren't weighted for honors courses, but the honors courses may be curved differently from the non-honors courses. The regular course may be curved around a B-, and the honors course curved around a B, so the average grade in the honors course may be .3-.4 higher than in the non-honors course.</p>

<p>One important other point: If you are the kind of person who needs a GPA incentive to take an honors course, you probably aren't going to love the University of Chicago.</p>

<p>As a word of caution, there is pretty low incentive grade-wise to take honors courses in the college. They're not really given extra weight in the GPA, and while they are sometimes (but not always) curved higher, that doesn't necessarily mean you'll do well in them. This could just be my biased impression, but it seems to me that the people here who do well in the honors classes had really good preparation in high school.</p>

<p>That said, graduate schools love to see honors courses on the transcript, and the honors courses also tend to have better professors. I can't speak for other departments, but in the undergraduate economics department, students considering graduate school are expected to take honors versions of the main courses. Economics graduate school admissions pages also usually state that they want to see honors courses. So there are other incentives to take them besides a higher GPA.</p>

<p>If you're talking about HS GPA, they don't even calculate it. They simply look at your transcript.</p>

<p>Most highly selective colleges will calculate your GPA, but they certainly look beyond a single number when looking at your academic record.</p>