GPA Context: All As in my system, 3.8ish in US system

I am an international student, and I study at an Indian high school. The grading scale is on a scale of 100, then graded like this:

A1: 91-100
A2: 81-90
B1: 71-80
…and so on until C2.
80 percent of the weightage is on the final exam, 10 percent on year-round tests, and 10 percent on homework and assignments.
In the context of my school’s grading scale, I have all A’s, with only 3 A2’s all in freshman year, and the rest A1’s. When I calculate this in the US context, my GPA rounds off to a 3.8 on the 4.0 scale for now, I’m a sophomore. That’ll increase in junior year, of course, but I’d still prefer my transcript to be considered as all As. Will colleges look at my grades after translating them to the US scale, or will my record be considered as all As? I’d love some help on this, thank you.

Submit your transcript. They will figure it out and will be judging within the context of your system. They get a ton of applicants from your country.


A1 and A2= As.
Submit your grading scale indicating which percentage in your school get what: 3%, 10%, 15%,25%, 40%, etc.
The numbers are meaningless without that scale.

As another answer has said, you will be judged in comparison with other students from your country who are using the same grading scale. Universities in the US, and in multiple other countries, get a very large number of applicants from India. They are very familiar with what the typical grades are in India.

I would only try to convert this to a US GPA if for some reason you have to. Otherwise just keep in mind how your grades compare with others who study in the same system, and use this to get some sense of which schools to apply to in the US.