GPA Equivalent of UK Cambridge A Levels


I am a Junior in High School. I have seen a lot of discussion regarding GPA and I am not sure what will be its equivalent in terms of CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) A Levels. In CIE there are no marks and only grades are awarded. A* being the highest possible.

In my O Levels (Freshman/Sophomore Years), I took 8 Subjects (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English, Biology, Urdu, Pakistan Studies and Islamiat. These are the standard 8 subjects in Pakistan and in my school no additional subjects were offered. I got 7 A* and 1 A (In Urdu).

In my A Levels, I am studying Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, General Paper. I plan to self-study Computer Science and Further Mathematics in my Senior Year.

Would I need to convert my grades to GPA when applying? And, suppose I am able to achieve A* in all of them, what will be my GPA? Also, are APs and A Level Subjects given equal importance?

Admissions Officers who handle applications from international students are experts on that country’s curriculum. Harvard currently has 57 students attending the college from the UK, so you can bet Admissions Officers understand CIE A levels and O Levels.

The Common Application specifically asks student’s NOT to translate their GPA, but to write down EXACTLY what is listed on your transcript and allow the individual college admissions offices to make the calculation. So, that’s what you should do!

If you are interested in knowing how you are doing relative to an American GPA, you could try this calculator:

This from the Harvard website:

@gibby Thanks a lot for the reply. It was quite informative and helpful.