gpa for engineering

<p>does anyone know what the average gpa is for an engineering student at PSU (Im referring to college gpa). At spend a summer day.. the professor stated that anyone graduating with a 3.3 gpa will likely get recruited by a big name firm like google etc. He said a 3.0 gpa will also get recruited but by other companies. Under a 3.0 will struggle to find a job. Just wanted opinions on this..</p>

<p>S just graduated from PSU engineering. A large majority of companies that recruit on campus, especially the large companies that are attractive to most graduates, require a minimum 3.0 gpa to even interview with them. Some smaller companies will accept students with a sub 3.0, but usually they will be the companies that pay a less competitive salary.</p>

<p>The average GPA for engineering is (I think) around 2.9-3.1, about 0.1 below the all-university average - I had found the statistics years ago but cannot locate them now. I can tell you that ~12% graduate with 3.76+ GPA, as that is the level required for distinction (Education requires a 3.88+).</p>

<p>I do think most employers are looking for 3.0+ and most do not care after 3.5, but I know a few sub-3.0 grads who found jobs... it just took a while and they were not as good.</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply.. Karp did your son get a job? How hard is it to get above a 3.0? I know thats a tough question..</p>

<p>Yes, S got a job at one of the companies he had interest in since sophomore year. He landed an internship with the company prior to his last year and it led to a full time position after graduation. </p>

<p>S always was a good student and has very good time management skills, which seemed to serve him well. He was able to graduate with over a 3.5 GPA while being a four year PSU varsity athlete and having at least a little bit of a social life (girlfriend included).</p>