GPA for law school

<p>Currently, I'm a community college student. I have three "W's" (Withdraw) on my transcript. Although I have a 3.56 gpa, I feel like the "W's" will be a problem in the admission of tier 1 law schools. I'm transferring as a junior; therefore, I have two more years to raise my gpa. My goal is to be admitted to the following: UCLA, Berkeley, UC Davis, & USC when attending law school. I plan on finishing my undergrad course work at UC Irvine; I'm a criminology, law, & society major. So, any advice, opinions, etc?</p>

<p>Three Ws shouldn't be a problem. Just add a short addendum explaining why you took them.</p>

<p>What is going to effect you more is your degree coming from a community college. However, this wont play a huge factor as long as you took decent classes. From your goals, it shouldn't really play a role in any school you are applying for. Berkeley will be your hardest school. I wouldn't even bother with Berkeley unless you score a 170.</p>

<p>Don't mention any of this btw. You are not suppose to highlight your weak area's or mention your school or anything. Your whole process is "selling yourself" simply highlight your strengths and explain why you would be a good candidate for their program. Do not mention the W or your school. If you decide to mention your school, briefly do so, and make it a simple sentence putting no emphasis on it what so ever. </p>

<p>"I went to college for costs, exc"</p>

<p>I really would not worry with the W's as they do not affect your law school's grade ranking so the schools really do not care about W's. They of course are far more concerned with your 3.5 GPA which unless you are looking at tier 4 schools, really needs some attention. </p>

<p>I personally would concentrate on taking all of the easiest classes I could to boost GPA and taking a really good LSAT prep.</p>