GPA for private schools

<p>Hey guys, I'm a sophomore from Milton Academy, and I was wondering what my grades would translate into GPA terms.
Since we don't have AP classes, the Honors classes are equivalent to the AP.
For example, my grades are:
Chem (Honors): B+
English: B
Precalc (Honors): A-
History: A-
Chinese: A-
Also do colleges look at your highschool's rigor when reviewing you app?
Thanks y'all.</p>

<p>You really need to ask your registrar, and more likely, your college counselor. It is very difficult for most of us (with the possible exception of past Milton Academy students) to answer your question.</p>

<p>Grading policies, and coursework levels differ widely between private schools, especially those that are labeled as "college preparatory" schools and public schools. There are wide variations even among private schools. An honors, or even standard section in a core course may be at a higher level in a private academic school than the equivalent AP course in a public school.</p>

<p>Comparisons of private schools students based on coursework, GPA and rank are difficult. Most private schools don't rank.</p>

<p>Selective colleges are often familiar with individual private schools, and I expect Milton Academy is well known to them. They know how to distinguish students within the school and how to determine fit. So talk to your college counselor.</p>

<p>I'm curious as to why you are posting your question on this board.</p>