GPA from two universities

<p>So I'm not sure if this question has been covered before, I didn't see it when I tried searching, but if I'm being repetitive please forgive me. I am wondering how graduate schools would compute my GPA (or how I should compute it on applications for that matter) since I transferred into the school that I currently attend. Will they (or should I) just average the two GPAs together to figure my cumulative GPA or will one be weighted more than the other since I am now at a more difficult school? If anyone has any insight into this, I would appreciate it!</p>

<p>No difference. As long as the are on the same scale, i.e. 4,0 you can average them out the same way.</p>

<p>I don't know if it makes any difference. If your gpa's from the 2 schools are similar, then you probably don't care how they compute. But I think the latest one will count more.</p>