GPA good enough???

<p>I'm a junior and African American Instate. My GPA is a 3.714 uw 4.21w cummalitive and i have pretty good EC' doesn't rank...and lets say i got like a 2000 on my SAT thanks!</p>

<p>...All honors and AP classes also..(some classes only offer honors and not AP)</p>

<p>I meant OUT OF STATE</p>

<p>what's your UC gpa?</p>

<p>i don't they do it the same way michigan does?..if so a 3.4</p>


<p>UCLA: Slight Reach (out of state)</p>

<p>If you do break 2000 on SAT and 680 or higher on SAT II's then you stand a good chance but.......</p>

<p>.......your GPA, I am not sure how the state of MI does their GPA. You are giving an 8 semesters of AP/Honors cap through the current UC system. If you did in up with a 3.4 UC GPA, then the chance of being granted admission is very slim. Keep in mind OOS applicants really have to be strong GPA and SAT wise. But if your UC GPA is above a 4.00 then you will be fine. Hopefully you can find someone out there that can calculate your UC GPA for you.</p>

<p>oos for ucla (uc gpasoph and junior year rite ?)
uc gpa 4.0 weighted
2180 sat
applied for polit science</p>


<p>UCLA: Slight Reach (out of state)</p>

<p>o if its just the GPA sophemore and junior year then i would have a 3.65</p>

<p>it would be 4.2 tho weighted</p>

<p>Hey guys, what do you think my chances are?
10-11 Unweighted: 3.96
10-11 UC weighted: 4.27</p>


<p>UCLA: Match</p>

<p>how do you know how to weight your GPA? because my school doesnt weight AP/honors classes..</p>

<p>Hey helpmegetin, it goes like this. Basically takes into account all your sophomore and junior classes including college classes if any. The UC system allows for weighting of 4 year long courses or 8 semesters. So if you had taken 5 Aps/honors, of those courses, one of them wouldnt be weighted. So four of them would be 5's and one of them would still be a 4 if you got A's.Hope that helps.</p>