GPA in high school...

<p>Im a junior right now in highschool. My junior year isnt finished yet, and my gpa is about a 3.1 </p>

<p>Right now I am getting 4 A's, one B, and one D (I hate spanish class :[ ).</p>

<p>How big of a bearing will this have on my GPA? Also my class rank is currently like 260/500. Sucks I know. How big of a bearing will it have on this? These grades havent been entered in yet but at the end of the semester they will be and im hoping they will improve my gpa and class rank. I really want to go to University of Illinois @ Urbana but things are not looking to bright for me ATM. Thanks.</p>

<p>If I did my math correctly, and assuming that you took 7 classes each semester, you will have a 3.06. So round up to a 3.1 and it basically stays the same. I think that D is really hurting you. It effectively takes 3 of your four As down to Bs. If the semester is not over, I would try talking to your spanish teacher to see what can be done about that. Good luck!</p>


<p>Thanks for your time and response. If I get that up to a C, what would my GPA be then?</p>

<p>Thanks very much</p>