GPA Question

<p>I attend school in Omaha, Nebraska. For our grades, a "1" is a 92.5-100 and a "2" is an 84.5-92 etc. So it is a little different than the scoring on the East Coast I believe. A 1 is considered a 4.0, a 2 is considered a 3.0, a 3, is considered a 3.0 etc. If you get a 1 in an AP Class it is considered a 5.0 and a 2 would be a 4.0. I currently have a 3.7 GPA and I was wondering if that would be a different FSU GPA due to the grading differences? Hope this made sense, just curious!!</p>

<p>For the FSU GPA count only your academic courses using a standard 4.0 scale and add .5 for Honors classes & 1.0 for AP classes.</p>