GPA Question

<p>after doing some math last night I realized something that really ****ed me off. French has essentially ruined my transcript.</p>

<p>My Unwighted GPA is going to end up somewhere between 3.4 and 3.45 at the end of this year. In classes other than french (Where I got 4 count em 4 C's) it would be 3.57-3.63.</p>

<p>My weighted will be between 3.76 and 3.84 where as without french it would be 3.91-4.0.</p>

<p>My question is how is a colleges admissions person going to look at this. Is it going to be a "this person can't get in because he got 4 C's", or is it going to be a "this person is a great student that really sucks at french"? or will they cancel eachother out?</p>

<p>Your 3.4 GPA will get you in some fine programs. Most colleges in the country will feel you'll be a solid fit for them. I suspect the colleges you should look at will mostly be metrics-based anyways.</p>

<p>As long as you're not pursuing French in college it shouldn't really matter for <50 ranked schools, unless you have some great hooks. Your GPA without French is still low for most of the top-tier schools (ie top 40ish), but other than that you're fine as long as you have good test scores and ECs.</p>

<p>My list as of now is Wisconsin, Texas , Pitt, Washington, Ohio State, Rutgers and LSU. all of which sit in that 50ish range (except Rutgers and LSU) so yeah.</p>

<p>I feel your pain. Instead of taking AP Psych, I decided to take Spanish III this year because it looks good for UC's. First semester I received a C because of my participation grade. I'm a quiet kid and I hate to raise my hand in class, but I still raised my hand at least once a week- more than enough for a 100 in participation in every other class that I have ever taken. My teacher only put in my September participation grade and it was a 100, so I figured that I just had to raise my hand once a week to get a 100 in that category. My teacher, however, really screwed me over. The last week of the semester he finally decided to put in all of the participation for the other months and my participation grade dropped from a 100 to a 60 something. This caused my grade to drop over 10% (keep in mind that he decided to do this the last week of the semester). I asked the teacher about it and if I could make up the 10 participation points that caused my grade to drop and he wouldn’t listen to me. So instead of receiving a B, I got a C in the class and my UW dropped to a 3.2 and W dropped to a 3.6. If I had taken AP Psych, I would have received a 3.6 UW and a 4.2 W. Now I likely don’t have a shot at my top choices (Notre Dame and UCLA) and I’ve had to change my college choices from top 35 schools to top 100 schools (Clemson, UGA, Texas, Texas A&M).</p>

<p>It sucks so much. I one semester was .04% away from a B and my teacher wouldn't round up. and Foerign Languages have nothing to do with Polisci (You could say it's incumpased in International Relations but thats a HUGE strech. so yeah, I think I'm rightfully bitter.</p>

<p>If you repeat your French, you must study harder.</p>