GPA/Rank get passed first round

<p>Russian, you said " I wonder if they will look at that"</p>

<p>past tense, my friend, past tense</p>

<p>it is certinly unusual to take APs during fresh. yr and I am sure the adcom. noticed that!</p>

<p>They say they don't even look at them, but they will most likely see them on your transcript. Also, those grades will be factored into your rank (because you HS does your rank, not Pton). However, even if you did do poorly freshman year, if you did great sophomore, junior, and 1st quarter of senior you should be fine because it shows a good upward trend.</p>

<p>well...i had those 2 Bs (both in weighted classes)...then i added more and more honors/ap and held the 4.0. is that really an upward trend, or will they then just view the initial Bs as a fluke?</p>

<p>Yea Polish your right....I was allready looking to RD</p>