GPA/Rank get passed first round

<p>Im wondering if I will get rejected in the first read through simply because of GPA/Rank. I have about 3.67 and 17/225. However I had a huge upward trend into Junior year (Ranked 2/225 if based on just Junior Year) and great Sat scores M: 800, V:740. Could everything else in my app make up for this or could I get rejected on just the basis of grades</p>

<p>I would think it also depends on how hard your classes are. Also remember that Pton dosen't count Freshman grades</p>

<p>I doubt you'll get rejected based on grades, though I would be careful about calling your SAT scores "great." They're good, but they aren't going to get you in. I think it's safe to say that your grades aren't going to get you accepted, but I don't think they'll get you rejected, either. It's going to come down to, as near as I can tell, the subjective stuff: essays, reccs, ECs, and the like. Best of luck!</p>

<p>I agree with the Russian. The courseload surely matters. 3.67 with hard courses, not so deadly. With easy courses, could prove fatal.</p>

<p>Well heres the thing, the bad grades I got (not counting fresh year) were in spanish, which some people would say is an easy class, however I took really hard classes Junior year including College math and computer science and got all A's. My main interest will be engineering if that will make a difference. I have some great ECs in music and research, great recs one from university professor and my boss, and Im sending in a music CD. Overall the only flaw in my application is what they will see as my softmore year grades. Although they werent horrible, they aren't exactly princeton standards.</p>

<p>Look...As much as we all know, your chances are 6-8% along with everyone else applying RD. All I can say is goodluck and boy do I wish I was an adcom so that I could accurately answer your questions.....Too bad</p>

<p>who said that princeton doesnt count freshman grades?</p>

<p>Read the forums...The answer to that question is all around</p>

<p>Even if they do not look at freshman grades, will it still influence their judgement if you totally bombed it (like all F's)?</p>

<p>omg! didnt i just answer this thread-oh wait, you posted it in every thread lol. i think there should be a way to "link" threads so you can put in multiple forums (threads? what is it called the harvard one, the yale one the college admissions one etc.) and you dont have to repost answers.</p>

<p>why don't they consider frosh grades? That doesn't seem right.</p>

<p>I think they DO look at it - they just don't factor it into their GPA calculation.</p>

<p>Everyone has said this, but is there any actual proof?</p>

<p>It eliminates all but one of the holes in my application!</p>

<p>[x] Crappy Freshman Year
[ ] Weak SAT IIs</p>

<p>LOL. Dont worry....hopefully your SAT I (if its good) will balance out, and if you got decent AP scores in the corresponding SAT II subjects, you should do fine. </p>

<p>I had a q: I graduated early (in 3 years) and transferred between 3 international schools across 2 countries (Norway and Korea). Considering I did only 9th, 11th and 12th, would they still not consider my freshman grades? (they are decent - 3.8 UW). Since I had grades from 3 dif. schools, I dont have a cumulative GPA, so how would they look into my grades?</p>

<p>This is just my humble belief, but I think ED is more about the person, where as RD is when you have to worry about the numbers. People know with ED that you are commited and that you will go to Pton, whereas with RD it is more of a "Hope for the best thing".</p>

<p>I so hope you are right. I'm absolutely sure I'm a person. I'm not quite sure I'm a number.</p>

<p>I'm glad they don't take freshman grades as seriously; I had 2 Bs first semester and then I "woke up," though unfortunately too late to save my rank.</p>

<p>Yeah... I had like 3 Cs....</p>

<p>Three cheers for clustering awful grades freshman year!</p>

<p>See that makes me angry. They should count freshman grades. I took 2 APs freshman year. I wonder if they will look at that</p>

<p>I know. My best grades were freshman year. My GPA falls a bit if they take that out.</p>